Vintage Wedding

June the 21st officially marks the beginning of summer which so many of us have been eagerly waiting for; warmer weather, holidays, picnics and…weddings! Summer is the most popular season for weddings and we have got the perfect collection for a vintage wedding guest. Whether you wish to add a subtle touch of vintage or want to go the full swing, our outfit inspirations, with accessories and footwear, is sure to please even the most die hard vintage belle.

You may be familiar with our extensive collection of dresses and this season we have released our very own collection of fascinators to compliment them beautifully.

vintage wedding

Our fascinators, also available in other colours.

Our fascinators would look perfect with a Victory roll or two.

vintage wedding

Betty Grable. Perfect hair for a vintage wedding.


There’s no excuse not to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, especially for a wedding! This season we have added to our already extensive collection with beautiful courts and elegant flats. Please check with your local Banned Apparel retailer for further styles.

vintage wedding

Just a small selection from our new season shoe collection.


You are sure to find the perfect dress from your local Banned Apparel retailer to go with these lovely shoes and accessories. Why not add some oomph and extra vintage swing by adding one of our petticoats too?

vintage wedding

Miss Victory Violet is a vintage darling in our citrus swing dress. Available from Top Vintage boutique.


vintage wedding

Ma Cherie D is head to toe in Banned Apparel.

This is just a snippet of what our new season collection has to offer. Our entire collection can be found through our retailers worldwide.

When you do attend your next wedding, we thought you may wish to pass on the following 1950’s advice to the bride-to-be…with caution 😉

vintage wedding

‘Often a husband can make that first night easier for a wife if he finds an errand to perform while his bride is preparing to retire,’ wrote psychologist Dr Clifford R. Adams in Modern Bride magazine in 1952


vintage wedding

‘A social service meeting, an afternoon tea, a matinee, a whatnot, is no excuse for there being no dinner ready when a husband comes home from a hard day’s work,’ advised the Rev A. H. Tyrer


According to Tyrer, the ideal wife ‘remembered her husband’s choice of meat and was careful to get an extra fine cut , her best cutlery and dishes and finest linen are all in evidence, and a little colourful decoration has been tastefully displayed’

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