Our vintage inspired shoes echoes similarities from the war torn 40’s and dazzling 50’s. Shoes in the 1940’s, because of the Second World War, became very difficult and expensive to buy and heel lengths were restricted due to rationing of materials such as leather. They were designed to be more practical, sturdy, affordable and less indulgent. Roll onto the 1950’s and the end of the conservative war years. Fashion became bigger, bolder and more sophisticated including ladies footwear. Our collection of vintage inspired shoes is sure to satisfy the most die hard retro fashionista.

Stylish and practical heeled Oxfords were popular in the 1940’s.

Vintage Inspired Shoes

1940’s Oxford Shoe

Vintage Inspired Shoes 1940's Oxford shoe.

Our Vintage inspired shoes representing the 1940’s Oxford shoe.

During the Second World War women took on what was considered to be masculine roles; building ships, weaponry, driving trucks and working in factories. These conditions were not suitable for fancy footwear! When the war came to an end peep toes became increasingly popular. They became the perfect accompaniment to the very proper and ladylike fashion that developed through the era.

Vintage Inspired Shoes "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946)

Lizabeth Scott wearing peep toes. “The Strange Love of Martha Ivers” (1946)


Vintage inspired 'June' peep toe.

‘June’ from our Vintage Inspired Shoes Collection

Hot on the heels of the peep toe came the sling back sandals. A peep toe front with a single strap around the heel and a subtle embellishment such as a bow.

Slingbacks Vintage Inspired

A trio of 1940 beauties with their beaus, and their sling backs.

slingbacks Vintage Inspired

‘Mary Lou’ from our Vintage Inspired Shoes Collection

With the arrival of the 1950’s came shoes that were more arched, sophisticated and had narrower, taller, more delicate heels.

Marilyn Monroe wearing platform Vintage Inspired pumps.

Marilyn Monroe wearing platform pumps.

'Grace' - Our vintage inspired stiletto representing the early 1950's.

‘Grace’, 1950’s stilettos from our Vintage Inspired Shoes collection.

Red was the most sought after colour for formal wear. The  1950’s stilettos were impractical and mostly only worn for very special occasions, short periods, and by fashion models.

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