Banned Apparel are the purveyors of vintage reproduction clothing, apparel and footwear and, as if our existing collection wasn’t enough, we are about to launch our new vintage inspired label ‘Dancing Days’.


Young women’s fashion throughout the 1950’s was heavily influenced by the rock’n’roll craze and the love of swing dancing, especially the Lindy Hop which had originated from Harlem, New York in the 20’s and 30’s – Full skirts, nipped in waists, pedal pushers, cropped cardigans and comfortable shoes. Today, Rockabilly fans carry this fashion through to the modern day and our new brand ‘Dancing Days’ will be sure to help you retro beauties do just that.

Brigitte Bardot does the cha-cha in Will You Dance With Me?, 1959

Whether you are looking for a fun, swing style outfit or a sultry fitted ensemble we will have the full, vintage inspired collection for you. Beautiful footwear, and accessories will also be included to guarantee an authentic retro look.

The video below is a great example of the inspiration behind our ‘Dancing Days’ collection.

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