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Our Footwear Designer

Banned Apparel Footwear Designer Here, at Banned Apparel headquarters, we are fortunate to have some of the most talented artists and designers who are dedicated in delivering to you the most beautiful fashion, footwear and accessories. Our footwear has always […]

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1950s Dancing Days

Oh what we would give to relive some of the wonderful 1950s dancing and the exciting atmosphere, and the fashion (!) that went along with it. Whether it be at a school prom, homecoming or, in fact, anywhere that there […]

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Vintage Inspired Collection Dancing Days

Banned Apparel are the purveyors of vintage reproduction clothing, apparel and footwear and, as if our existing collection wasn’t enough, we are about to launch our new vintage inspired label ‘Dancing Days’. Young women’s fashion throughout the 1950’s was heavily […]

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Vintage Inspired Shoes

Our vintage inspired shoes echoes similarities from the war torn 40’s and dazzling 50’s. Shoes in the 1940’s, because of the Second World War, became very difficult and expensive to buy and heel lengths were restricted due to rationing of materials such as […]

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1940s Swing Pants

Before the 1940s swing pants weren’t a wardrobe staple for most women. They were only needed when working in the factories for health and safety reasons and they were much easier to wear than skirts and dresses. Many women did not want to […]

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Banned Apparel at LondonEdge

The countdown has begun! Only 18 days to go until Banned Alternative Apparel will be at September’s LondonEdge ( 6th – 8th ) the planet’s only commercial platform for authentic, subculture fashion brands today. This September will be the 32nd […]

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