Banned Apparel Footwear Designer
Here, at Banned Apparel headquarters, we are fortunate to have some of the most talented artists and designers who are dedicated in delivering to you the most beautiful fashion, footwear and accessories. Our footwear has always been a huge hit with our customers and so we only thought it right to find out more about our incredibly talented footwear designer; Ybo Vass.
Ybo Vass

Ybo Vass

Banned Apparel
Footwear and Accessories Head of Design

Hi Ybo, can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I was born in Transylvania, Romania from Hungarian parents, luckily in a town almost dominated by arts, painters, musicians, instruments , footwear and our local beer; the perfect setup for an aspiring artist!  I was painting and drawing since a very early age, but somehow my passion wasn’t at it’s peak yet. I took a dip in fashion design,  and felt the opportunities were so vast and challenging. I believe I had always a particular appreciation for accessories. The calling to design thousands of patterns, shapes, ideas on such limited surface.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer and, in particular, a vintage fashion designer?
I feel lucky enough to have had the chance to get a break as a luxury footwear designer from ceramic design and persevere my calling. I had the chance to experience the hard journey from designing to production, but certainly did not lack it’s joy and success ! I knew if I truly believe in what I do it can take me far. My designer journey started in Bucharest and has taken me as far as London. I’m proud to say I achieved my goals , but there’s always room to dream bigger! 
What motivates you as a fashion designer?
As a designer I’m submitted to my calling, if I have a dream at night, I must make sure I fill my sketchbook on my beside table right away . I get inspiration from everything. Colours, shapes simply excite me!
What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer?

I’m thrilled to work with embroideries, different type of materials, a wide range of colours, unexpected contrast all fused in happy moods.

If you could pin point just one of your favourite pieces which one would it be and why?
One of my favourite styles are the Mary Jane’s, I think they are timeless, the perfect shape that compliment every woman.
What upcoming trends do you predict in the vintage fashion scene?

My predictions in the area I design could be endless, but every style is unique . It would be wrong to define only one, every shoe is beautiful as long as it makes the one who wears it feel unique.

Who are your style icons?

I would call my grandmother my style icon, she used to be a tailor, seamstress, and she was truly graceful. She used to be the true image of the 40’s, 50’s even in the 90’s . Her elegance was not only defined by what she wore but by her gestures and her poise.

If you could travel back to any era, which one would it be and why?

If I had the chance to travel back in time I would go back exactly 125 years to 1892! How amazing would that be !


Beautiful footwear designs by our very own Ybo Vass

Footwear Designer

Footwear Designer

Footwear Designer

Above are just some of our new season footwear designed by Ybo and available from ModCloth

Footwear Designer

Ybo created these beautiful court shoes with fabulous glitter heels. Needless to say they have been a huge hit!