Hair and Makeup of the 1960s

Hair and Makeup of the 1960s varied considerably; from the au naturel look of the Hippies to the bright and bold statement style of the Mod movement. Here we take a look at the influences behind the hair and makeup of the 1960s and how you can apply them to your everyday style.

hair and makeup of the 1960s

1960s Makeup

It was the youth who had the biggest influence on the hair and makeup of the 1960s. Since the 1950s they had  disposable incomes ready to spend on looking fabulous! Women’s 1960s makeup began quite demurely with pastels and nudes that enhanced their natural beauty and was often seen on trend setters such as Jacqueline Kennedy. Glamorous, bouffant hair and pillbox hats often accompanied this natural look.

hair and makeup of the 1960s

Jacqueline Kennedy’s early 1960s pastel makeup.

On the other side of the spectrum, and originating from London, was the more edgy, rebellious style of the Mod subculture. The demure look didn’t suit everyone and many girls favoured the Mod style immortalised by Twiggy; short hair, lashings of mascara and plenty of eye shadow! It was the eyes which were at the heart of 1960’s makeup.

To create this look, a bold white, blue or grey eye shadow would usually be applied to the lid and a dramatic cut crease was created by applying a dark eyes shadow or pencil liner along the crease of the eye.

Reigning supreme was thick, black liquid eyeliner on the lid while white pencil was used on the waterline to open up the eyes. Huge pairs of doll-like false lashes often followed. This was taken even further by Twiggy who used liquid liner to draw in individual lower lashes for a surreal effect. Plenty of mascara completed this look.

Hair and makeup of the 1960s

Twiggy applying Mod-style makeup.

Lips took a backseat in the 1960s. They were kept pale and some women even applied foundation over their lips to help them blend in with the rest of the face! Those who did wear lipstick stuck to colours that wouldn’t take the focus away from their eyes, such as pale pinks, corals and very subtle reds. However, daring Mods could sometimes be seen sporting white lipstick.


1960s Hair

It was Jacqueline Kennedy, America’s First Lady, who gave the 1960’s bouffant hair it’s iconic status. It was thought to be the perfect style as it always looked so glamorous and women all over the world would be seen with this big, fabulous hair.

hair and makeup of the 1960s Banned Apparel

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Bouffant hair.


From 1964 onward the younger generation added their own twist to the bouffant hair which is known as the Beehive.

The Beehive is an enduring symbol of the 60s. This glamorous up do was the most popular hair style and was often seen on celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Dusty Springfield and Bridgette Bardot who wore a half up, half down Beehive. This hair style wasn’t easy to achieve and required a lot of styling. At night before bed, girls would set their hair in very large rollers using a gel solution to achieve the sky-high hair this look called for. Some girls with extremely curly hair would use old grapefruit cans instead of rollers to set their locks.

Har and makeup of the 1960s Banned Apparel

The girl group, The Ronettes and their Beehive hair.


Hair and makeup of the 1960s Banned Apparel

Bridgette Bardot’s half up, half down Beehive.

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Hair and Makeup of the 1960s Banned Apparel

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