Oh what we would give to relive some of the wonderful 1950s dancing and the exciting atmosphere, and the fashion (!) that went along with it. Whether it be at a school prom, homecoming or, in fact, anywhere that there was a live band playing some great music. 1950s dancing was the perfect way for teens to explore alternatives to the cultural stereotypes exploited by their parents – and there were many moves to do just that; Swing, Bop, Lindy Hop, the Hand Jive and the Twist – just to name a few. Traditional ballroom style dances were replaced by these lively, athletic and often acrobatic movements. These styles of dancing required clothes that allowed guys ‘n’ gals to move freely and even undergarments were designed to look extra beautiful as these would be on show.


1950s Dancing

1950’s Swing Party


1950s Dancing

Acrobatic dancing 50’s style

This fantastic video, ‘Hooked On  Swing’ is a great example of 1950’s swing dancing. We bet you can’t watch it without at least having a little boogie yourself!



1950s dancing would not be complete without the perfect outfit, right? Knee length, full skirts were designed for lots of swing and movement and were often worn with a petticoat underneath for added flair and for a touch extra glamour. Team this up with a beautiful cardigan, fitted shirt and some cute, comfortable shoes and you are ready to do some 1950s dancing yourself.

Our new Dancing Days collection has taken all of this in mind to provide you with everything you need to recreate the 1950s dancing era. We also have a great collection of Mary Jane’s and Oxford style shoes ideal, and comfortable enough, for plenty of swing dancing.

1950s dancing days

Dancing Days Skirt and Cardigan available from                 Top Vintage, The Netherlands.


mary jane

Mary Jane


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