1940s Victory Rolls, just one of the reasons why the 40’s is one of our favourite decades along with the emergence of beautiful, feminine fashion and style. After the stresses and strains of World War II and the economic troubles that came with it women really had to make do with the very little that they had. Fabric and metal were often used towards war supplies which eventually led to a shortage of feminine basic essentials such as bobby pins. Women had to improvise, often using pipe cleaners, to achieve Victory Rolls. Although they were seen as glamorous, Victory Rolls also served a practical purpose. Women were required to keep their hair off of their faces whilst in the workforce and of course many still wanted to maintain a feminine look.

1940's Military Ladies and Their Victory Rolls

1940’s Military Ladies

Victory Rolls have made a huge comeback, especially in the Pin Up, Rockabilly and Psychobilly fashion subcultures and are often accompanied by bright, beautiful hair colours.

Beautiful Victory Rolls with a Rockabilly Twist.

Beautiful Rockabilly Inspiation

Diablo Rose and just one of her fabulous Victory Rolls

Diablo Rose and just one of her fabulous Victory Rolls

Although it may look tricky, the Victory Roll is easy to achieve and works great on most hair types. This tutorial by Kayley Melissa is our favourite and is very easy to follow.

Victory Rolls work perfectly with our vintage dresses & coats inspired collection.

Blueberry Hill Dress

Victory Rolls and our Burgundy Button Coat

The Old Style Coat

Victory Rolls and our Songbird Dress

Songbird Dress

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