Before the 1940s swing pants weren’t a wardrobe staple for most women. They were only needed when working in the factories for health and safety reasons and they were much easier to wear than skirts and dresses. Many women did not want to be seen out in public wearing such masculine attire! Roll forward a few years and women began to wear swing pants in public and at home, much to the dislike of many popular magazines such as Vogue. Although the late 1930s saw a turning point in terms of the magazine’s representation of women in pants, they did not fully approve quoting “We deplore the crop of young women who take war as an excuse for.. parading about in slacks.” (1939) A quote implying that ladies legs were a form of beauty men needed to keep positive during tough times.

british vogue 1939

British Vogue 17th May, 1939

The team here at Banned Apparel have designed their very own selection of 1940s swing pants reproduction to satisfy even the most die hard of vintage fans.

Banned Apparel 1940s Swing Pants - Take A Walk

Take A Walk 1940s swing pants.

Banned Apparel Hidden Away 1940s Swing Pants

Hidden Away 1940s swing pants.

The beauty of wide legged trousers with a high waist is that they suit most body types and are super flattering. Swing pants nip you in at the waist and flare out at the hips skimming over your lovely curves.

Katherine Hepburn did not conform to the pre 1940's ideal that women should not wear trousers.

You are bound to feel like Katherine Hepburn in your swing pants – Her basic look was made up of  wide legged pants, a button down shirt with tailored jacket and a chic pair of loafers. Despite the masculine style she created, she  kept her wavy, long locks, slim figure and femininity in tact, making her all the more glamorous.

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